Providing repair solutions for over a decade, ENAME's customers can count on a quick, effective response tailored to their needs.


Ensure the flow of your support service process by relying on ENAME's efficient, comprehensive and cost-effective logistics solutions.


Complete product life-cycle management, from extending the life and usefulness of old products to correct disposal at their end-of-life.

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Providing the first step of the support service process, connecting end-users to the solutions they seek quickly and effectively.

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ENAME is, since the date of its inception, a value added technology partner, available to manufacturers, assemblers, resellers and end-users in the Information Technologies market. The result of strong technological investment, ENAME seeks to stay one step ahead of the market, anticipating its needs and providing solutions. Evidence of this are the numerous mutations it has undergone throughout the years. Initially a technical services provider for out of warranty equipment, it quickly became a solution provider for manufacturers, not only restricted to repairs, but also providing logistics and operational solutions.


Our goal is to establish and nurture cordial and effective relationships with our partners, by promoting the development of the best techniques available in order to satisfy all interested parties. We simply want to provide the best services possible while continuously striving to improve them. We understand that only with this vision of constant improvement can we legitimately maintain our leadership position in the markets we currently operate in and simultaneously expand to others.


In order to achieve our vision, and our commitment to quality and the environment, our organization is governed by the following principles: To promote the professional satisfaction of our staff, thus contributing to the increase of their productivity and motivation; Train, inform and enlighten the staff through our Quality and Environmental policies in order to have competent and responsible performance of duties; The quality of our services is attested by ISO9001 (quality), ISO14001 (environmental) and OHSAS18001 (Occupational Health and Safety) certifications. ISO27001 (information security) is implemented.

Constantly evolving and adapting to ever changing global market conditions for over a decade, ENAME's growth is sustained with the vast majority of the results being reinvested in the company.


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Ename Portugal

Parque Industrial de Coimbrões,
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3500-618 Viseu, Portugal

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Phone: +351 300 527 427

Email: portugal@enametech.com

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Phone: +33 164 610 718

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